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What we offer

Surge Protection Devices and Lightning Protection are even more critical in todays electrical world than they were 55 years ago, when we at PD Devices (Power Development) started our journey manufacturing surge elements, which lead to our high quality Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge arrester today.

Having specialised in the art of making this key surge product, our company has continued to grow and improve our portfolio of SPDs.

We now have the ability to protect your home, business, school, hospital and the electrical, electronic systems and equipment inside those buildings from the effects of energy surges, whether it would be as a result of atmospheric conditions, switching conditions or faults.

As the ONLY UK Manufacturer and Supplier of this transient suppressing element and one of a very few in Europe, we can also offer a bespoke design service “For All Your Surge Solutions”.

For All Your Surge Solutions

Provider of Surge Protection

Surge Protection has been our business for more than 55 years, through the years of Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology and into the Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) years. We have been manufacturing and providing Surge Arresters to our customers globally for years and have created bespoke Surge Protection Devices for many of their own specifications.

As the manufacturer of this key surge arrester element, our product range has and still is continuously expanding across numerous markets including;

Building and Construction,  Rail and Tram TransportData Networks and TelecomsMinistry of DefenceRenewable EnergyElectrical Power GenerationElectrical Power DistributionHome and OfficeCCTV, Fire and Burglar Alarms

As a leader in the design and manufacturing of Surge Protection Devices (SPD) we believe we have the solutions to protect your electronics against damage from lightning and transient over-voltages for any specific application.

PD Devices Buildings Surge Protection Devices

Building Lightning Protection

Type 1/2/3 SPDS

Providing you with the very best in Surge Protection Devices for all your building needs, whether it would be Hospitals, Airports, Stadiums, Goverment / Council buildings, Universities, Schools, Colleges, Housing, if you need a building protecting, we have the solution. If you are not sure what you require, we are here to help. Call us on +44 (0) 1364 649248

PD Devices Rail Transport Surge protection

Rail Transport Surge Protection

Rail & Tram

With the drive towards the expansion of the electrification of the rail networks, Surge Protection Devices are required now more than ever.

Some of our projects include: Network Rail - London Underground - Dutch Railways - Vancouver Monorail - Malaysian Monorail - Mexico City.

PD Devices Data networking telecoms surge devices

Data & Telecoms Surge Devices


A Lightning Strike or any type of Power Surge that lasts just one-millionth of a second can cause major damage to data & telecom devices causing detrimental time and monetry loses to any communication network .

With global communications networks growing each year, we have the solution.

PD Devices M.O.D - E.M.P  surge protection

MoD Electro Magnetic Pulse Protection

Military Surge Modules

We manufacture a wide range of Surge Devices to protect against the effects of high altitude detonation of nuclear devices. 

EMP can affect several thousands of square kilometres, with a magnitude of tens of kilovolts causing major damage to Power Supplies & Communications Systems.

Broad range of SPD markets & Industries

  • Buildings & Construction

  • Rail - Tram Transport

  • Data & Telecoms

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Offices & Homes

  • NHS - Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Stores & Warehousing

  • Data Centres
  • Schools, Universities & Colleges

  • Goverment & Council 

  • Renewables - Photovoltaic Solar

  • Renewables - WInd Turbines & Wind Farming 

  • Electrical Power Generation

  • Electrical Power Distribution

  • CCTV & Fire Alarm Installers
  • Aerials & Satellite Installers

  • Cable Specifiers & Installers

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Oil Rigs
  • Generators, Motors, Pumps & Drive Companies
  • Electrical Retailers & Contractors

  • Stockists & Distributors

Bespoke Surge Protection

We offer a custom-designed product service & where applicable an on-site survey and consultation.

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