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AC mains cables entering a building or facility are points at which large induced
lightning and switching surges may appear. Our range of surge protection products
for mains power, sub-mains panel and distribution panels offer a co-ordinated
approach to surge protection.

Servers, mainframe computers, PABX, and similar hardware are important for providing
critical services and should therefore be fitted with local surge protection.

We offer an extensive portfolio of products providing a co-ordinated overvoltage, surge
protection solution to both the overall building and it's Electrical and Electronic contents.

All products have been designed and manufactured inline with the requirements of
relevant International Standards (EN, BS, UL, etc).

Mains Cable Entry -
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Single and three phase protection units designed to be installed at the point of supply
cable entry into a building. Numerous options and features are available as detailed.

Mains Internal Distribution & Spurs -
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Protection units designed to be installed after supply cable entry, at sub-distribution
panels or as discrete spur protectors. Features as detailed .

Socket Strips -
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An extensive range of multi-way sockets featuring numerous combinations of surge protection, RFI suppression and noise
reduction capability with commonly used plug and socket formats.

Plugs and Adaptors -
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We manufacture a diverse range of Plugs and Adaptors meeting IEC, CEE, BS Standards.

Data Networks and Telecoms -
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Global Communications Networks continue to grow in importance in all aspects of life and protection from over-voltage surges from
both internal and external sources is paramount.


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