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PD Devices Provide Link Boxes for EDF Energy Dungeness B Nuclear Power Station

Installation of Dungeness ‘B’ power plant New Link Box Surge Protection

EDF Energy own and operate eight operational nuclear reactors, strategically located across seven power plants in the UK.

Each of these power plants is subjected to a ‘Statutory Outage’ every three years.

These planned outages permits vital preventative and curative maintenance and renewals to be undertaken, therefore ensuring continued safe operation and generation.

As an important part of the 2017 outage at the Dungeness ‘B’ power plant, PD Devices Ltd were invited to supply a range of Sheath Voltage Limiter (SVL) protected Link Boxes.

Link Box

SVL Link Boxes allow the cross-linking of cable armoured sheaths, providing protection against potentially damaging overvoltage conditions. The SVL devices additionally reduce wasteful circulating currents.

PD Devices supplied four new SVL Link Boxes which were used to replace four exiting SVLs protecting the 400kV cables of generator Circuit 21.

Three more replacement PD Devices SVL Link Boxes are planned to be installed on Generator circuit 22 next year.

Fit For Nuclear Programme


We’re proud to announce that PD Devices has successfully completed its F4N journey for a second time and we have been re-granted Fit For Nuclear F4N accreditation by NAMRC.

So, what exactly is the Fit For Nuclear programme?

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) is a unique service to help UK manufacturing companies get ready to bid for work in the nuclear supply chain. F4N lets companies measure their operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry.

The program takes an in-depth look at the following areas within the organisation, Strategy and Leadership, Design and Project Management, People Excellence, Process Excellence, Health and Safety Culture and Quality Management and helps companies to develop a clear and focussed action plan to sustain, and continually seek to improve their processes to meet the high standards required by the nuclear industry.

We at PD Devices, have always been committed to a ‘Safety First’ culture, we are passionate about employee engagement and about achieving the very highest standards in design and manufacturing quality. We embrace the importance of making continuous improvements throughout our business. It is therefore very satisfying to have our efforts recognised by Nuclear AMRC with its backing from industry leaders and government.

A Striking Difference

striking difference

How Can PD Devices Surge Protection Make Such a Striking Difference? 

Operational cost efficiency is best served with intrinsic reliability and maintainability. The build quality of the product and equipment should always be designed-in rather than added too as an afterthought.  The system application should be considered as a whole not in isolation.

By Network Rail’s own declaration the UK rail infrastructure is damaged by lightning some 192 times each year, causing on average 361 minutes of delay per event, plus an average nearing 60 train journeys are cancelled. At a very large cost per minute, that is a lot of lost revenue and incurred penalties, and a lot of disgruntled passengers.

Railway networks are a playground for naturally occurring lightning incidents, and those which are due to human error and disturbances emanating from the system itself. The resulting increases in voltage are looking for the quickest path to earth and it does not care what is in its way. The Railway is a mass of steel connections which make excellent electrical conductors transmitting the resultant over voltage via electrical and electronic equipment.

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CCTV is designed to protect you, how do you protect your CCTV?

CCTV news

PD Devices Surge Protection Installed on Your CCTV Equipment Could Save You Serious Money

CCTV or any kind of video surveillance is designed to protect you, but how do YOU protect your CCTV? Interestingly enough, many strange things often happen that affect your CCTV surveillance systems both indoors and especially outdoors; anything from interference noise on the image, to the system completely stopping and never to work again.
Why does this keep happening? Well....interference can be caused by a multitude of elements, from other electrical equipment nearby or even natural occurrences which can arise from many sources - cosmic noise as well as lightning and other atmospheric types of noise can all contribute. This is known as EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) or also called RFI (Radio-Frequency Interference).

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