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Surge Protection and the 18th Edition The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations that launched on 2 July 2018, also known as BS 7671:2018 has now come in to affect as of the 1st of January 2019 and it will now be a requirement that all electrical installations designed after this date comply with BS 7671:2018, 18th Edition standards.

One of the key addtions to the 18th Edition is Surge Protection Devices also known as (SPD’s) this is highlighted in section 443, those recent changes to BS7671:2018 have meant that Surge Protection is now more important than ever…..

We offer a bespoke design service based around a standard geometry MOV discs (60mm, 90mm etc). These solutions are insulated rod mounted assemblies that can be free-standing on robust supporting end brackets, with mounting and termination options can be tailored to suit any given application.

The DSP Series surge arrestors are a robust Type 1+2+3 Class 1+2+3 arrestor (8/20μs) available in single and three phase configurations. The units feature a two stage arrestor that gives your system double the protection of normal “plug in” surge arrestors. This allows identification of the possible lack of protection to be caught early and preparations made for the replacement unit to be installed (all while the system is still protected)

The SPLB1/13 ‘Spur Protector’ provides an economic means of preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment on individual ring mains, from the dangers of transients, which can occur as the result of a nearby lightning strike or surges derived from the switching of inductive or capacitive loads.

Featuring a Plugable Surge Protection Module, the SPM series of Arrestors are ideally suited for most industrial / commercial applications. The plugable aspect allows the replacement of the modules without having to disconnect any cabling.

Often, conductive structures like pipelines, data lines and physical entities such as fencing and barriers, run parallel to Overhead or Underground power transmission lines. In these situations, dangerous and damaging voltages can be induced as a function of normal operating or fault currents.

Type 1 & 21 surge arresters designed for use on the boundary between LPZs 0 & 12 in structures using TNS and TT earthing systems.

The T1SP1/12.5/25/230R (SIngle Phase) & T1SP3/12.5/50/230R (Three Phase) are designed for use in structures of LPL II3, such as industrial & administration buildings, schools, supermarkets & cathedrals. The device should be fitted as close as possible to the structures mains entry point.

A class 3 surge arrestor that is a flexible solution to protecting individual pieces of equipment. Perfectly suited to protecting – ring mains & individual sockets, switch fuse spurs, lighting, fire alarm panels, CCTV cameras etc. Its small size means that it can be mounted in confined spaces and the audible alarm will indicate if the arrestor needs to be replaced. The T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S will offer up to 10 metres of protection either side of the device it is installed on.

This series of Telecom Line Protectors are designed to the recommendations of BS6651: 1999 (Annex C) for location category C which requires 10kA (8/20μs) surge capacity. These products are primary rated devices for protecting systems connected to dial-up PSTN (or “external”) lines or where PABX extensions are routed between buildings.

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