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Flyer - 18th Edition

Flyer - 18th Edition

Surge Protection and the 18th Edition The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations that launched on 2 July 2018, also known as BS 7671:2018 has now come in to affect as of the 1st of January 2019 and it will now be a requirement that all electrical installations designed after this date comply with BS 7671:2018, 18th Edition standards.

One of the key addtions to the 18th Edition is Surge Protection Devices also known as (SPD’s) this is highlighted in section 443, those recent changes to BS7671:2018 have meant that Surge Protection is now more important than ever…..

Section 443 –

Protection against transient overvoltages SHALL be provided where the consequence caused by overvoltage could:

• Result in serious injury to or loss of human life

• Result in interruption of public services and or damage to cultural heritage

• Result in interruption of commercial or industrial activity

• Affect a large number of co-located individuals

For all other installations a risk assessment should be carried out using the calculation method listed in BS7671:2018, except for single dwelling units where the total value of the installation and equipment therein does not justify such protection.

NB – if no risk assessment is carried out – Surge Protection measures SHALL be provided

Resultant figure from Risk Assessment –

<1000 – Surge Protection measures SHALL be provided

>1000 – No Surge Protection is required The installation of SPD’s should then be carried out in accordance with Section 534 of BS7671:2018

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