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Flyer - TLP Series - Telecom Line Protection

Flyer - TLP Series - Telecom Line Protection

The PD Devices TLP series - telecommunication line surge suppressors are designed to provide complete system protection for business PABX and single line applications.

This series of Telecom Line Protectors are designed to the recommendations of BS6651: 1999 (Annex C) for location category C which requires 10kA (8/20μs) surge capacity. These products are primary rated devices for protecting systems connected to dial-up PSTN (or “external”) lines or where PABX extensions are routed between buildings.

Conventional telecom surge suppressors such as gas discharge tubes (GDT’s) or metal oxide varistors (MOV’s) exhibit a higher clamping or “let-through” voltage with respect to fast acting solid state devices. In other words, they are designed to clamp voltages somewhere above the largest expected line signal, i.e. the voice line ringing signal. Consequently, the suppressor allows harmful spikes of up to 500V to attack the equipment.

The PD Devices TLP series uses a combination of GDT’s and fast acting solid state devices to seriously enhance the protection provided.

The combination of GDT and fast acting solid state technology offers the benefits of a higher surge withstand capability together with lower clamping level and extremely fast reaction time. This means the TLP series offers much improved equipmentprotection and reduced component fatigue.

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