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Capacitive Coupling - Illustration

Capacitive Coupling

Capacitive couplingis the transfer of energy within an electrical network or between distant networks by means of displacement current between circuit(s) nodes, induced by the electric field. This coupling can have an intentional or accidental effect.

Direct Coupling Lightning Strikes - Illustration

Direct Coupling Lightning Strikes

In the event of a direct lightning strike say, to a power pylon, part of the discharge current will be conducted to earth, through the pylon, the remainder will be propagated along the cables, in either direction.In this case, for simplicity, we can assume a third in each direction.

This in reality will be subject to the resistance path to earth. We can see that the sensitive equipment is vulnerable.

Ground Potential Rise - Illustration

Earth Voltage Lightning Strikes

When there is a cloud to ground lightning strike, the strike point is raised to an extremely high voltage, due to large currents being conducted through the ground, and cables within 2km of the lightning strike can experience an induced surge, and therefore damage can be caused to equipment within buildings supplied by these .

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