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PD Devices Network Rail Approved Products

There is currently major investment in upgrading and development of the Rail systems throughout the UK. This investment includes the introduction of a new generation of Solid State Interlocking (SSI) systems. With more processing capacity in a much reduced size, resulting in the SSI being more susceptible to over voltage transients, which are ideally protected by our Surge Protection Devices.

With the ever increasing demand for safety and reliability of the electrical and electronic systems there are further important and new applications for Surge and Lightning Protection Products such as our Network Rail Approved RTM Series which offer Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) or Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technologies.

RTM Series

Network Rail PADS Approved (PADS No.086-047165, 166, 167)


Designed by PD Devices, Approved by Network Rail


New Surge and Lightning Protection Devices have been designed in support of NR/L2/ELP/27410. This will provide safe isolation and distribution of circuits to Network Rail's Class II based signalling power distribution systems. These Devices are currently being ‘rolled out’ by various PD Devices Rail customers. 

Some of our other developments include those with Network Rail for a new generation of Surge and Lightning Arrestors. The now PADS approved DSP1A/SSI/120 and the DSP1A-SSI-140 are single phase devices with MOV & SAD component technology. These will reduce the failure rate of Trackside Functional Modules (TFM) during lightning storms and other events, thus improving the SSI performance and prolonging the service life of the protected equipment.

DSP1A SSI 120 140DSP1A SSI 120 140 Installed

Network Rail PADS Approved (PADS No.0086-000060) & (PADS No.0086-000061)


A NEW CRTM150/650 compact version of our popular RTM150-650 surge protection device is now available, this provides the same protection to equipment connected to AC power supplies as with our RTM150-650 but in a compact smaller casing, to fit those tighter areas.

CRTM 650 PAD No.086 047218

Network Rail PADS Approved (PADS No.086-047218)

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