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Surge Protection Health Checks

A Surge Protection Health Check could help save you time and money in the long run.

Spikes, surges, short duration transients, over-voltages...all terms used to describe a momentary increase in electrical voltage. Spikes range from hundreds to thousands of volts, and despite lasting micro seconds (8/20µs), can cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronic equipment.
About 20% of surges are attributed to external factors such as lightning strikes or utility substation switching. The remaining 80% of surges arise within the building and are attributed to the use of heavy duty electrical devices such as space heaters, refrigeration systems, air conditioners or arc welders.
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We are the only MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) manufacturer in the UK, and one of only a few in Europe, and with over 50 years of experience PD Devices Ltd are world leaders in the design and manufacture of products and solutions to protect against damage from transient over-voltages.

Our continually growing and improving range of Surge Protection Components, Arresters, Modules and Lightning Protection Systems suit applications within manufacturing/processing, rail/tram transport, industrial buildings, office and home protection, public and government buildings, telecom and data networks, defence and security, hi-fi/audio and home cinema, electrical power generation and distribution, airports, petrochemical plants and oil rigs to name but a few.
PD Devices’ based in Devon is home to our research and test laboratory and our team of top engineers, on hand to respond speedily and positively to customer’s needs, conducting on-site surveys and designing bespoke solutions when required.
As the equipment businesses rely on becomes more sophisticated, the cost implications of that equipment being damaged and the resulting interruption to business soar. One major surge may wipe out machine drives, UPS , security systems or IT equipment, or smaller, frequent fluctuations might cause insidious deterioration over time, reducing the efficiency of a piece of equipment until eventually it becomes unserviceable.
PD Devices attend site surveys at manufacturing plants throughout the country where power spikes have caused damage to equipment, halting processing, and costing companies tens, sometimes, hundreds of thousands £ in lost time/revenue and repairs.
In most cases, a co-ordinated approach to surge protection could have prevented this damage from happening.
Surge protection at the meter:
Installed at the line-side of the main electrical service entrance, this device protects against external transient surges that enter through the building.
Surge protection at the panel:
A surge protection device installed in the main panel will divert the initial spike in voltage to ground and away from the electrical system. The device is mounted to the load side of the panel and serves to protect against residual external power disturbances and internally generated power surges.
Surge Protection at the device:
Point-of-use surge protection devices are the last line of defence to protect sensitive electronic equipment.
PD Devices would like to offer a Surge Protection Health Check. This will involve a short visit and inspection of your building type, location, incoming power supply and distribution through the building, power usage, processes, equipment, data supply and planned growth. You will be offered a report highlighting shortfall in surge protection, associated risks and possible solutions.
We will also provide advice on any equipment that you procure or build as to the level of protection that is included or could be offered.
For a PD Devices Surge Protection Health Check , simply call or email to arrange a visit.
Tel: 01364 649248 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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