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Type 2 - Class II / Type 3 -  Class III - 6kA SAD, 40kA MOV - Single & Three Phase - 1 to 4 Pole - Remote & Non Remote

A series of modular surge protection devices for the over-voltage protection of equipment connected to the incoming low voltage AC power supply.

Type 2 - Class II - Single Phase - 2 Pole - 20kA L/N - 40kA N/PE - 385VAC

The T2INM1/20/40/385 and the T2INM1/20/40/385R (remote version ) are for installation at LPZ 0B -1 or higher, protecting low voltage equipment from surge damage. Designed according to IEC 61643-11 / GB 18802.1.

This device has a pluggable modular SPD Class II (Class C) for TT and TN power supply system.

Type 2 - Class II / Type 3- Class III - Single & Three Phase - 10kA - 230VAC

A Surge Protection for distribution panels which supply mainframe computers, PABX systems and network servers is available from the compact 10kA 6651C Protector.

This hardwired, panel mounting surge protector with redundant protection and full protection status monitoring is available in single and three phase versions.

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