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T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S - Audible SPD

T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S - Audible SPD

Type 3 - Class III - 1.5kA - 3kA L+N-PE - 230VAC - Audible SPD

A Class III surge arrester that is a flexible solution to protecting individual pieces of equipment. 

Its small size means that it can be mounted in confined spaces and the audible alarm will indicate if the arrestor needs to be replaced.

The T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S will offer up to 10 metres of protection either side of the device it is installed on.

Perfectly suited for protecting:

  • Ring mains & individual sockets
  • Switch fuse spurs
  • Lighting
  • Fire alarm panels
  • CCTV cameras
  • And more......

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Category: T3 - Type 3 / Class III
Version: PD2

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