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DSP Series - Single & Three Phase

DSP Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 1 - Class 1 / Type 2 - Class 2 / Type 3 - Class 3 - Single & Three Phase 40kA Surge Arresters

These are hardwired single and three phase distribution panel protectors with 40kA of surge capacity and two stage (redundant) protection and provide pre-failure indication.

Ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic applications, the Distribution Surge Protector 600 (DSP600) provides an economic means of preventing damage to electrical distribution systems from mainsborne transient voltages. These transients may occur as the result of nearby lightning strikes or surges derived from the switching of inductive or capacitive loads. 

40kA Surge Protection Devices (Type 1/2/3) - (Class I/II/III) PD Devices Product Code:
Single Phase - (without remote signalling) DSP1/600
Single Phase - (with remote signalling) DSP1A/600
Three Phase - (without remote signalling) DSP3/600
Three Phase - (with remote signalling) DSP3A/600






Also Available are our DSP600 L & N Types. 

The DSP600 ‘N’ type is provided with an on-board system of protection status monitoring Light Emitting Diode’s (LED’s), while the DSP600 ‘L’ type is supplied with a remote monitoring unit, which allows the unit to be installed in areas that are inaccessible for regular inspection. See DSP600 L & N Series for more information

DSP L & N Types -  40kA SPDs (Type 1/2/3) - (Class I/II/III) 
PD Devices Product Code:
Single Phase - ‘N’ type (On-Board LED Monitoring) DSP1N/600
Three Phase - ‘N’ type (On-Board LED Monitoring) DSP3N/600
Three Phase - ‘L’ type (Remote Monitoring Lead Unit) DSP3L/600




Category: T1 - Type 1 / Class I
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