4 Pole - T1SP3/25/100/230R

4 Pole - T1SP3/25/100/230R

Type 1 - Class I / Type 2 - Class II - Three Phase - L/N 25kA - N/PE 100kA - 275VAC

The T1SP3/25/100/230R is a 25kA three-phase MOV+GDT lightning and surge arrester. Designed for use on the boundary between LPZs 0 & 12 in structures using TNS, TNC-S and TT earthing systems.

For use in structures of LPL I3 , such as hospitals, banks, mobile operator stations, water-works, power plants, airport buildings for air traffic control and all structures with an explosive risk.

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File Name: T1SP3-25-100-230R vPD6.pdf
Category: T1 - Type 1 / Class I
Version: vPD6

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