4 Pole - T1SP3/IT/12.5/400R

4 Pole - T1SP3/IT/12.5/400R

Type 1 - Class I Type 2 - Class II - 12.5kA - 3 x 480V AC

The T1SP3/IT/12.5/400R lightning surge arrester type 1 + 2 designed for the IT network 3 x AC 400 V without neutral conductor. The recommended use for the T1SP3/IT/12.5/400R is in heavy industry, rolling mills, machinery, etc. 

The unit can be installed horizontal, vertical, rotated 90 and 180 degrees, and this does not affect the function of the T1SP3/IT/12.5/400R mentioned parameters.

Double terminals devices allow connection “V” at the maximum current carrying capacity of 63 A.

The T1SP3/IT/12.5/400R comes with remote signaling.

File Name: T1SP3-IT-12.5-400R_vPD2.pdf
Category: T1 - Type 1 / Class I
Version: vPD2

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