4 Pole - T1ZH3/25/100/230R

4 Pole - T1ZH3/25/100/230R

Type 1 - Class 1 / Type 2 - Class 2 - Three Phase - 25kA -100kA - 255VAC

This Type 1/2 (Class I/II) surge protective device is designed to protect low voltage devices from lightning and surge damages.

Designed specially for TT and TN-S system (“3+1 circuit”), mainly used in power supply system such as power distribution-room, distribution-cabinet and other important power supply system.

Designed according to IEC 61643-11; EN 61643-11; GB 18802.11. for installation at LPZ 0A -1 or higher. This surge protection is usually installed in distribution-box or feeder bus of UPS, protecting devices or equipment downstream.

This product is an alternative of the popular T1SP3/25/100/230R

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File Name: T1ZH3-25-100-230R_vPD2.pdf
Category: T1 - Type 1 / Class I
Version: vPD2

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