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6651C Series - Single & Three Phase FEATURED

6651C Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 2 - Class 2 / Type 3- Class 3 - Single Phase  & Three Phase - 10kA - 230VAC

The 6651C unit is a Type 2 surge protector (BS EN 61643-11), suitable for use at the boundary of Lightning Protection Zones 1-2 (BS EN 62305). The protector provides an economical means of preventing damage to electrical installations from induced voltage transients caused by switching or nearby lightning strikes.

The 6651C unit provides three mode system protection from mainsborne voltage spikes and surges that can occur between phase and neutral, phase and earth, neutral and earth and additionally phase to phase for the three phase model.

This protection is achieved by using high energy elements which absorb or redirect incoming mainsborne transients. Every unit has two stages of protection, the status of which are clearly indicated by lights incorporated in the front panel, thus ensuring continuity of protection by allowing time for replacement once the first stage has ceased to protect.

Product Codes:

  • 6651C/1 Single Phase
  • 6651C/3 Three Phase

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