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2 Pole - T2INM2/15/20/48DC & 48DCR

2 Pole - T2INM2/15/20/48DC & 48DCR

Type 2 - Class 2 - 48VDC - 2 Pole - Nominal discharge current (8/20) 15/20kA In

This 48VDC device is a Type 2 surge arrester and is specially designed for protecting DC power supply systems from surges, designed according to IEC EN 61643-11, GB 18802.1, YD/T 1235.1

For use in DC power supply rooms such as telecommunication rooms, microwave communication rooms, etc. These arresters are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0B - 2 or higher.

This SPD is usually installed in the distribution box or feeder bus of the UPS, protecting devices or equipment downstream.


  • • High discharge capacity, low voltage protection level and quick response
  • • Pluggable and easy to replace
  • • Double thermal disconnector device, providing a more reliable protection
  • • A green window will change if a fault occurs
Category: T2 - Type 2/Class II Surge Devices
Version: PD1

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