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2 Pole - T2PDM2/20/48DC & DCR

2 Pole - T2PDM2/20/48DC & DCR

Type 2 - Class II - Single Phase - 2 Pole - 20kA - 48VDC

The T2PDM2/20/48DC and T2PDM2/20/48DCR are a two-pole, metal oxide varistor surge arrester Type 2 according to IEC EN 61643-11.

These arrestersare recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 1-2 (according to IEC EN 62305), where they provide theequipotential bonding and discharge of the switching overvoltage, which is generated in power supply systems entering the building.

The main use of these surge arresters is in all kinds of industry, residential and administration buildings.

They are to be placed into the subsidiary switchboards or control boxes. 

The T2PDM2/20/48DCR is a remote version and these units have changable plug-in modules.

  • Part Code: (Non Remote) T2PDM2/20/48DC
  • Part Code: (With Remote) T2PDM2/20/48DCR
  • Part Code: (Plug-In Module) T2PDM/48DC

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File Name: T2PDM2-20-48DC_&_R_vPD2.pdf
Category: T2 - Type 2 / Class II
Version: vPD2

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