3 - Type 3 / Class III

These Type 3 Surge Protection Devices have a low discharge capacity. They must therefore mandatorily be installed as a supplement to Type 2 Surge Protection Devices and in the vicinity of sensitive loads.

Type 3 SPD is characterized by a combination of voltage waves (1.2/50μs) & current waves (8/20μs).

6651C Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 2 - Class II / Type 3- Class III - Single & Three Phase - 10kA - 230VAC

A Surge Protection for distribution panels which supply mainframe computers, PABX systems and network servers is available from the compact 10kA 6651C Protector.

This hardwired, panel mounting surge protector with redundant protection and full protection status monitoring is available in single and three phase versions.

DSP Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 1 - Class I / Type 2 - Class II / Type 3 - Class III - Single & Three Phase 40kA Surge Arresters 

These are hardwired single and three phase distribution panel protectors with 40kA of surge capacity and two stage (redundant) protection and provide pre-failure indication.

DSP-L&N Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 1 - Class I / Type 2 - Class II / Type 3 - Class III Single & Three Phase 40kA Surge Arresters

The DSP600 Series L & N types have site fault condition indicators and relay contacts, which provide remote indication of protection status.


Type 3 - Class III - BS1363 Surge & RFI Protected Plug - 3A, 7A,and 13A variants.

FP3 (3A)
FP7 (7A)
FP13 (13A)


Type 3 - Class III - 6.5kA - 230VAC

The 13 Amp rated Spur Protector provides an economic means of preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment on individual ring mains from the dangers of transients and surges derived from the switching of inductive or capacitive loads.

SPM Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 2 - Class II / Type 3 -  Class III - 6kA SAD, 40kA MOV - Single & Three Phase - 1 to 4 Pole - Remote & Non Remote

A series of modular surge protection devices for the over-voltage protection of equipment connected to the incoming low voltage AC power supply.


Type 3 - Class III - 1.5kA - 3kA L+N-PE - 230VAC

A flexible solution to protecting individual pieces of equipment. Perfectly suited to protecting – ring mains & individual sockets, switch fuse spurs, lighting, fire alarm panels, CCTV cameras etc.


Type 3 - Class III - BS1363 Surge Protected Plug - 3A, 5A & 10A with Thermal Overload Protection. 

TRANQ/3/A (3A)
TRANQ/5/A (5A)
TRANQ/10/A (10A)

 Lead options available.

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