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SPLB1/13 - 13A Spur Protector

SPLB1/13 - 13A Spur Protector

Type 3 - Class III - 13A- 6.5kA - 230VAC

The SPLB1/13 ‘Spur Protector’ provides an economic means of preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment on individual ring mains, from the dangers of transients, which can occur as the result of a nearby lightning strike or surges derived from the switching of inductive or capacitive loads.

The SPLB1/13 ‘Spur Protector’ is ideally designed for use in industrial and commercial applications.

The Spur Protector can either be wired to the equipment as an inline protector or can be hardwired into wall mounted conduits. The Spur Protector is best used as part of a totally integrated surge protection system and should be considered as the ‘final link in the chain’ when planning a systematic and coordinated approach to surge protection and it is therefore essential that main service and distribution panel protection is provided as a ‘first line’ of defence.

SPLB1 13 1       SPLB1 13 installed

The Spur Protector provides suppression from mainsborne voltage spikes and surges between live and earth, live and neutral and neutral and earth conductors, thus ensuring protection in all three modes. This protection is achieved by using high energy absorbing elements which are accurately matched to the internal fuse protection of the Spur Protector. Two status lights are provided - red and green. The green LED indicates mains power ‘ON’. The red LED when lit indicates loss of protection.

The Spur Protector features high surge current handling capability which under normal conditions will automatically reset after clamping smaller, more frequently occurring surges. However, should a large surge current, in excess of 6.5kA appear on the line it will be clamped by the Spur Protector, but protection will be lost.

In this instance, the red LED illuminates to indicate that protection is no longer present and the unit should be replaced. With both lights on, power will still be supplied to the load, but without surge protection.

Category: T3 - Type 3 / Class III
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