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CCTV systems, Burglar Alarm systems and Fire Alarms are all designed to protect you, but how do you protect your systems?

Interestingly enough, many strange things often happen that affect security systems both indoors and especially outdoors; anything from interference noise on the CCTV image, to Alarms not working when tested or the whole system completely stopping and never to work again. 

As homes, businesses, schools, hospitals etc. become filled with more electronic technology and gadgets, with smaller and more susceptible parts being used within them, the chances increase that some of your systems will be affected by surges, spikes and transient damage.

Any electrical equipment or device that is connected to your building’s main electrical service panel is potentially at risk, and therefore should have some sort of protection. It is best practice to use a co-ordinated approach and install surge protection devices on the electrical service panel itself and also to any of your other equipment, including security system cameras, alarms, lighting, sockets, routers, coax cables, to name a few.

Your entire security system could be compromised without any surge protection installed. So ask yourself “Am I putting my valuable cutting edge technology at risk from surges and other energy phenomenon?” 

For protection and peace of mind get surge protected today! After all, installing surge devices nearly always outweighs the expense of replacing damaged equipment. 

Can you afford not to have it?

6651C Series - Single & Three Phase

Type 2 - Class II / Type 3- Class III - Single & Three Phase - 10kA - 230VAC

A Surge Protection for distribution panels which supply mainframe computers, PABX systems and network servers is available from the compact 10kA 6651C Protector.

This hardwired, panel mounting surge protector with redundant protection and full protection status monitoring is available in single and three phase versions.

DBP Series

DBP Series Data Barrier Protection

A Data Surge Protector designed to provide protection as stand alone module, or in combination with the Mains Barrier Protector (MBP) for full data and power line coverage.

MBP Series

MBP Series Mains Barrier Protection In-Line Surge Protectors

The PD Devices MBP In-line Mains Barrier Protectors are designed for business and industrial applications, these products are designed to provide protection as standalone modules or in combination with In-line Data Surge Protectors to protect any combination of data and power lines against the damaging effects of transient overvoltage caused by lightning, switching and electrically “noisy” sources.


Type 3 - Class III - 6.5kA - 230VAC

The 13 Amp rated Spur Protector provides an economic means of preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment on individual ring mains from the dangers of transients and surges derived from the switching of inductive or capacitive loads.


Type 3 - Class III - 1.5kA - 3kA L+N-PE - 230VAC

A flexible solution to protecting individual pieces of equipment. Perfectly suited to protecting – ring mains & individual sockets, switch fuse spurs, lighting, fire alarm panels, CCTV cameras etc.

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