MBP Series

MBP Series

MBP Series Mains Barrier Protection In-Line Surge Protectors

The PD Devices MBP In-line Mains Barrier Protectors are designed for business and industrial applications, these products are designed to provide protection as standalone modules or in combination with In-line Data Surge Protectors to protect any combination of data and power lines against the damaging effects of transient overvoltage caused by lightning, switching and electrically “noisy” sources.


• Building-to-building power supplies.

• Long-range data acquisition and display systems. E.g. Sports venues.

• Plant and process control systems.

• Signalling and telemetry to remote sites.

• “Intelligent” stage lighting. • Computer networks.

• Electronic cash registers (EPOS).

• Closed circuit television (CCTV security).

Standard Features:

• Rugged construction (powder coated steel).

• DIN rail mounting for modular installation.

• Two part push in terminal connectors for ease of installation or replacement.

• Earth stud provided for ease of multiple earthing of units.

• Low “let through” voltage.

• Fast response times.

• High surge handling capabilities

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