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425-1-0053 - (PoE) RJ45 Surge Protection Device

425-1-0053 - (PoE) RJ45 Surge Protection Device

425-1-0053 - 1 x RJ45 Port PoE with DIN Rail Surge Protected Device

This RJ45 SPD device is for installation at LPZ 0B-2 and higher interface or directly installed near the equipment; according to IEC standards for CAT 6 or Class E intergrated wiring systems; all the industrial Ethernet 10M, 100M, 1GBit network surge protection. 

Designed according to IEC 61643-21, GB 18802.2, YD/T 1542


  • Protection for data and network systems
  • Good discharge capacity, low voltage protection level
  • Quick response, High transmission speed
  • Low signal attenuation
  • RJ45 connection, easy installation
Category: Data & Telecoms
Version: vPD1

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