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DBP Series - Data Barrier Protection

DBP Series - Data Barrier Protection

DBP Series Data Barrier Protection

Designed for business and industrial applications, these products provide protection for local area networks, CCTV/ video equipment, computer serial communication interfaces and process control systems against the damaging effects of transient overvoltages caused by lightning, AC power systems and other electrically “noisy” sources.

Low energy and seemingly harmless transients can cause gradual degradation of the sensitive integrated circuits used in network interfaces and CCTV hardware. This will lead to the eventual failure of the equipment.

At the other end of the scale are the high energy surges induced by lightning and direct short-circuit contact with power cables which can result in the immediate destruction of circuitry.

Computer network systems using coaxial or twisted pair cabling are subject to electrical interference pick-up from surges caused by earth potential differences - a particular problem for LANs running between buildings. Low energy transients can be the result of electrostatic discharge and power switching in electrical machinery.

Due to earth potential differences, long-distance cables, such as RS422 and RS485 systems operating over large areas, are particularly susceptible to the effects of lightning strikes even when they are several miles away.

The DBP Series offers low cost and effective surge suppression for applications where cables leave the security of the office and enter electrically harsh environments.

A Data Surge Protector designed to provide protection as stand alone module, or in combination with the Mains Barrier Protector (MBP) for full data and power line coverage.

Available SPD Codes:

  • Code: DBP/2/06 - 6V - 2 WIRE - RS485 ST Barrier
  • Code: DBP/2/15 - 15V - 2 WIRE - RS485 ST Barrier
  • Code: DBP/2/30 - 30V - 2 WIRE - 4-20mA ST Loop Barrier
  • Code: DBP/2/50 - 50V - 2 WIRE - Twisted Pair Barrier
  • Code: DBP/4/06 - 6V - 4 WIRE - RS485 ST Barrier
  • Code: DBP/4/15 - 15V - 4 WIRE - RS485 ST Barrier
  • Code: DBP/4/30 - 30V - 4 WIRE - 4-20mA ST Loop Barrier
  • Code: DBP/4/50 - 50V - 4 WIRE - Twisted Pair Barrier
  • Code: DBP/RJ45/100BT - Modular RJ45 - Category 5 Barrier
  • Code: DBP/BNC/10B2 - BNC-Type Coaxial - 10Base2 Barrier
  • Code: DBP/N/10B5 - N-Type Coaxial - 10Base5 Barrier
  • Code: DBP/BNC/CCTV - BNC-Type Coaxial - CCTV & Video Barrier
  • Code: DBP/2/CCTV - Screw Terminals 2-Wire - CCTV & Video ST Barrier
  • Code: DBP/CATV - F Type Coaxial - Cable TV / Satellite System Barrier
    Code: DBP/RJ45/100BT/PoE - RJ45 - 10/100 Power over Ethernet protector
Category: Data & Telecoms
Version: PD6

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