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ASMSVL Series - Silicone Moulded Sheath Voltage Limiter - Medium / High Voltage - 5kV to 45kV rms

Silicone Housed Gapless Surge Arrestor - Applicable to MV distribution systems and approved to EN 60099-4.  Rated Voltages from 5.0 to 45.0kVrms.  Various termination accessories available.

These ASMSVL Sheath Voltage Limiter 10kA Class1 arrester is a Metal-Oxide based surge protection device designed for use in underground cable protection.

The ASMSVL’s are designed and manufactured within an ISO 9001:2008 quality system. This ensures reliable and predictable mechanical integrity and stability of electrical performance.

The arrester is fully tested and approved to meet the requirements of CIGRE recommendations and IEC 60099-4.


The silicone insulating housing is directly injection moulded to the arrester core. This forms a robust and homogenous structure that will be immune, in a short circuit condition, to the explosive response common in a porcelain housed arrester. The Silicone housing material is widely recognised for its self-cleaning and hydrophobic qualities and compatibility with the outdoor standard operating conditions for which it has been designed.

Product Codes:

  • ASMSVL08 - 8.0kVrms - Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc )
  • ASMSVL10 - 9.6kVrms - Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc )
  • ASMSVL12 - 12kVrms - Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc )
Category: Electrical Power Distribution
Version: PD4

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