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SVL08 - Sheath Voltage Limiter

SVL08 - Sheath Voltage Limiter

SVL8 - Sheath Voltage Limiter Low Voltage 800V rms

Often, conductive structures like pipelines, data lines and physical entities such as fencing and barriers, run parallel to Overhead or Underground power transmission lines. In these situations, dangerous and damaging voltages can be induced as a function of normal operating or fault currents.

The effects of such conditions can be successfully mitigated with the use of correctly rated Sheath Voltage Limiting devices that are bonded between cable sheaths and a ground continuity conductor.

PD Devices offer many robust and reliable forms of protection devices used to effectively limit sheath voltage rises that can occur, under fault conditions, on power transmission cables.

PD Devices design and manufacture a range of these metal oxide varistor (MOV) devices and ratings can usually be designed to suit any given application.

Category: Electrical Power Distribution
Version: vPD2

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