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AZA-610 Series

AZA-610 Series

These solutions are insulated rod mounted assemblies that can be free-standing on robust supporting end brackets, with mounting and termination options can be tailored to suit any given application.

More complex multi-assembly parallel connected solutions can be support-plate mounted. This makes for a compact unit ready for installation.

Nominal Continuous Operating Voltage from 250Vrms, with an energy withstand capability from 2kJ. This largely a function of quantity of discs matched and parallel connected.

Applications have included the protection of:-

  • • DC power supplies of generator exciters.
  • • On-board inverters for rail rolling stock.

Quite simply, anywhere a standard off the shelf component may compromise protection levels. Where use is required in aggressive environmental conditions, special coatings can be applied for the complete physical protection of the active components.

For most applications, the usual minimum operational parameters required for adesign to be realised include:-

  • • System Maximum Continuous Operating voltage.
  • • Magnitude of any Temporary Overvoltages and durations if known or predicted.
  • • Magnitude of known or predicted surge current conditions.
  • • Desired protection level in Volts that the protected system can safely tolerate.
  • • Maximum energy in Joules that the AZA metal oxide solution will be required to withstand and operating duty cycle.
Category: Electrical Power Generation
Version: PD2

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