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Metal Oxide Varistors

What are MOV's & why are they used in surge protection?

An MOV is a bipolar, non linear resistor, with a symmetrical voltage / current characteristics curve and a resistance value which decreases as the voltage increases.

A semiconducting device which 'clamps' an effective resistance at a specified voltage.

We provide varistors with:

  • High Energy and Current withstand capability.
  • Low clamping Voltage
  • Fast Reponse (typically 5 nanoseconds)
  • Suitable for AC and DC applications
  • Bipolar operation
  • Very low leakage current
  • Relatively inexpensive per Joule

Important Information when referring to Voltage Levels

The European electrical AC voltages are classified in terms of Low Voltage (LV), Medium Voltage (MV) and High Voltage (HV)

The International Electrotechnical Commission has classified the voltages into the following levels (IEC 60038).

Voltage LevelCodeVoltage Rating
Low Voltage LV up to 1000V
Medium Voltage MV 1000V to 35kV
High Voltage HV 35kV to 230kV
Extra High Voltage above 230kV


Bandoliering Packaging

MOV Product Selection Guide

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