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LP-PS Range - LP, LP2, PS (LV)

LP & PS Range - Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) Assemblies -  Low Voltage - 132V to 1000V rms

A range of Low Voltage, high energy metal oxide based overvoltage protection devices that have uses in a variety of applications.

The components are coated with a durable epoxy resin to provide a resilient environmental barrier. Peak current - 12kA 8/20 μs.

PD Devices Product Code:
LP Range LP2 Range PS Range
Z120LP Z120LP2 Z120PS
Z135LP Z135LP2 Z135PS
Z150LP Z150LP2 Z150PS
Z180LP Z180LP2 Z180PS
Z220LP Z220LP2 Z220PS
Z230LP Z230LP2 Z230PS
Z250LP Z250LP2 Z250PS
Z280LP Z280LP2 Z280PS
Z320LP Z320LP2 Z320PS
Z380LP Z380LP2 Z380PS
Z415LP Z415LP2 Z415PS
Z440LP Z440LP2 Z440PS
Z500LP Z500LP2 Z500PS
Z525LP Z525LP2 Z525PS
Z575LP Z575LP2 Z575PS
Z600LP Z600LP2 Z600PS
Z660LP Z660LP2 Z660PS
Z750LP Z750LP2 Z750PS
Z780LP Z780LP2 Z780PS
Z850LP Z850LP2 Z850PS
Z900LP Z900LP2 Z900PS


File Name: LP-PS_Range_LV_vPD2.pdf
Category: Assembled
Version: PD2

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