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 CRTM150/650 - Compact Rail Trackside Module - 75kA Single Phase 650V MOV Module

The CRTM150/650 is a compact version of our popular RTM Series surge protection device that provides protection to equipment connected to AC power supplies against the damaging effects of lightning strikes or voltage surges.

These devices help reduce the failure rate of Trackside Functional Modules (TFMs) during lightning storms, and therefore can improve Solid State Interlock (SSI) performance and prolong the service life of protected equipment.

They are employed on the incoming power supplies or tail cables, providing protection of the power supplies in the SSI equipment cases and rooms. These highly innovative protection devices provide the ideal protection solution for signals, points, level crossings etc. at each, and in between, every station.


• Service life of protected equipment extended

• Reduces failure rate of TFMs during lightning storms, improves system performance

• Cost of surge protection devices far outweighs safety issues, downtime and equipment replacement.

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