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PDTA Series

PDTA Series

PDTA Series - PD Trackside Arresters - Class 3 10kA Applications

Used to protect DC voltage systems used in traction applications from the damaging effects of switching and lightning derived transients.

It is constructed using PD Devices own Metal Oxide active components, grey EPDM polymeric housing and uses stainless steel and Silicon Aluminium fittings.

Key Features:Key Features:

• Unique and proven construction

• No internal voids• Alternative fixing accessories available

• Dual function as a support insulator

• Non-explosive failure mode

• High cantilever and torsional strength

• Tested and approved to Class 3 10kA

• Available Voltage Ratings 900V to 4.8kV DC

• 4/10μs High Current withstand of 100kA

• Operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C

The PDTA range of DC Traction Arrester has been designed for ease of installation and in-service durability. It has been successfully tested to EN60099-4 to meet the requirements of Class 3 10kA applications and EN50123-5

Category: Rail Transport Surge Protection Devices
Version: vPD9

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