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RF7-16/350/10FM - 7/16” RF Coaxial Surge Arrester

RF7-16/350/10FM - 7/16” RF Coaxial Surge Arrester

50Ω, 7/16” Coaxial Surge Arrester

The RF7-16/350/10FM is a coaxial high-frequency protection device designed for protection of equipment connected to an aerial system by means of coaxial cables.

Gas discharge tubes with maximum discharge current Imax (8/20) = 10 kA ensure reliable protection of receiving and transmitting systems even against a proximity lightning strike.

This range is produced with 7/16” connector type, enabling usage in many applications. They are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0A(B) -1 and higher according to EN 62305.

  • Part Code: RF7-16/350/10FM
Category: Satellite & RF Protection
Version: PD2

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