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RFN/200/10FF & 10FM - N Type Coaxial Surge Arrester

RFN/200/10FF & 10FM - N Type Coaxial Surge Arrester

High-frequency protection range designed for equipment connected to an aerial system by means of coaxial cables.

Special gas discharge tubes with maximum discharge current (Imax) of 10kA (8/20μs) ensure reliable protection of receiving and transmitting systems even against a lightning strike nearby.

PD Devices offer a wide range of coaxial protectors for various connector types and transmission power grades enabling use in many applications.

These coaxial protectors are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0A(B) -1 and higher according to EN 62305.

  • Part Code: (Female-Female) RFN200/10FF
  • Part Code: (Female-Male) RFN200/10FM
Category: Satellite & RF Protection
Version: PD2

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