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Multi-Way Extension Socket Strips

Power distribution units housed in rugged ABS or aluminium, with trailing leads and a wide variety of options including; Surge Protection, Noise and RFI filters, RCD or standard moulded plugs, with 2,4,6,8 or 10 UK (BS1363), IEC (C13) or SCHUKO (CEE 7/3) sockets. 

And if you don't see the socket strip you require in the categories below, contact our sales team to discuss other options that we can manufacture. 

It it important to remember that although there may be space to plug in multiple appliances, this does not mean it is always safe to do so. Never overload an extension lead. Check the maximum current rating to avoid risk of fire.

A range of extension socket strips designed to meet BS1363 for power distribution in home, office and industrial applications. Choose from Unprotected, Surge Protected and RFI protected options. 2,4,6,8 or 10 way. Hardwired or Plug-in IEC leads, and standard moulded BS1363  Plugs or Fitted RCD Plugs. If the combination of features you require isn't listed here, contact us for MOQ and information. ..
A range of  extension strips with European SCHUKO (CEE 7/3) sockets, featuring hardwired trailing leads with moulded (CEE 7/4 -Type F) plugs for home, office or industrial applications. If the part you require isn't shown here, contact us for more information. ..
A range of extension strips with IEC C13 Sockets to suit C14 plugs. Options include Unprotected, Surge Protected and RFI protection.  Moulded UK or RCD plug -  10 way, 8 way and 6 way. For sizes and options not listed here, contact our sales team.  ..
Combination or "Hybrid" extension strips with both IEC (C13) sockets and UK (BS1363) sockets, surge and RFI protection, fitted with hardwired 2m lead with a moulded UK plug. Ask us if you require other combinations.  ..
Powder coated steel 19" Rack mountable socket strips for IT systems, video and audio equipment. These units have a 2U* (3,5”) high enclosure, they are available with 10, 8 or 6 way IEC sockets, and are supplied with a 2m lead and BS1363 (UK) moulded plug. Unprotected, surge and RFI  protected options available. If you can't see the product you need below, contact the sales team.  ..

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