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4 Pole - T12PA-IT3V+G-3-275R

4 Pole - T12PA-IT3V+G-3-275R

Three Phase T1/2 Lightning and surge arrester for LPL III and IV

This range of lightning and surge arresters are configured in 3+1 and 1+1 arrangement for use in distribution systems using IT earthing, with or without a distributed neutral. These arresters are designed for use at the boundary of LPZ 0 to LPZ 1 in structures of LPL III and LPL IV (Class III and IV Lightning Protection System) as a Type 1 lightning arrester. They are also Type 2 tested for use in sub-distribution boards. A high power GDT between the centre point (CP) and earth ensures that there is no earth leakage current, which allows the device to be used in conjuction with insulation monitoring systems.

Category: T1 - Type 1 / Class I
Version: vPD2

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