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Surge Protection Products

Lightning Striking Over Buildings - PD Devices Building Lightning and Surge Protection

Buildings & Structures

Lightning + Surge protection for IEC62305 compliance

Lightning Striking in Distance by Railway Tracks - PD Devices Rail Transport Surge protection

Transport Systems

Rail, Tram, Air, Sea & Road Transport

Lightning Striking Data Servers - PD Devices Data Networking Telecoms Surge Protection

Data, Telecom & IT Systems

Data-communications network solutions

Lightning Strike Over Military Ship - PD Devices Ministry of Defence Surge protection

Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP)

Power Supplies & Communications Systems

Renewable Energy Surge protection

Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind Power, Hydroelectric, Bio-energy

Electrical Power Generation Surge protection

Power Generation

Nuclear Energy, Low & Medium Voltage Systems

Electrical Power Distribution Surge protection

Power Distribution

Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Arresters

CCTV and Fire Surge Protection

Cable Protection

Link Box & Sheath Voltage Limiters

CCTV and Fire Surge Protection

Plug-in Surge RFI Protection

Multi-Way Socket Strips, RCD & Plugs

CCTV and Fire Surge Protection

Fire & Security Systems

CCTV, Fire + Control Panels, Intruder Alarms

 Satellite & RF Protection

Satellite, Aerial Installations

Surge & coaxial high-frequency protection

Metal Oxide Varistor Surge protection

Metal Oxide Varistors

Low & Medium Voltage MOV assemblies

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