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Equipotential Bonding

What is Equipotential bonding?

Equipotential bonding involves electrically connecting metal work so that it is at the same voltage everywhere.

Equipotential bonding is done from where the distribution wiring enters the building to incoming water and gas services. It is also done in bathrooms where all exposed metal that leaves the bathroom including metal pipes and the earths of electrical circuits must be bonded together to ensure that they are always at the same potential.

EPG/100/250 & 250S - High Power GDT for Equipotential Bonding SPD

The EPG/100/250 and the EPG/100/250S are high power isolating Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), intended for equipotential bonding of structures or components that cannot be directly bonded to earth during normal operation.

TEC/350/100 - Equipotential Bonding Earthing SPD

This device is designed for the equipotential bonding of earthing systems that cannot be directly connected under normal conditions. During normal operation the device is effectively open circuit, maintaining isolation between the two earth systems.

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